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Living life enriched and enlivened by ritual. Making a careful, conscious act of transformation out of the daily tasks of living. It is neither mindless repetitive habit, nor rarified occult ceremony.  Life lived ritually is lived carefully and consciously and each moment can become a sacrament. Rituals, the good ones, foster mindfulness, and they are concerned with bringing to our attention the wonder and mystery that is usually hidden in the ordinary and everyday world.


The words and music offered by Ritualitas seek not only to help our communal rituals, where we meet together to worship, pray or meditate, but also to assist us in finding the space for a ritual life in our daily patterns of living.




Ritualitas gives a name and a home to the liturgies and worship songs of Alison Eve. Formed in 2002, it incorporates material going back to Ali's earliest worship compositions in the 1980s, as well as new songs and liturgies written for the various projects, events and worshipping communities that she is involved with.


Alison began her ritual life in the evangelical/charismatic culture of the Christian church, but has moved since then into a deeper appreciation of ritual, liturgy, and contemplation. She seeks to bring these different streams together in her work, and enjoys exploring the space between them. This parallels a musical journey through heavy metal, 'celtic' folk-rock, world music and medieval music, all of which she seeks to bring into her worship material, sometimes all at once!


In recent years, Ali has been exploring earth-based spiritual paradigms, in particular Druidry, and is a member of the Order Of Bards, Ovates And Druids, and the Druid Network. She is also follows the Ceile De tradition. Connecting more fully with nature, with the natural rhythms of the seasons has been a crucial piece in the puzzle for enabling ritual and worship and liturgy to foster and develop a ritual life in the everyday.

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