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Deep Peace: Songs for the Spiritual Journey

Improved & Expanded Edition

ISBN 978 0 9556960 0 8   10.00


A Collection of 65 songs composed by Alison Eve,  including seasonal and liturgical songs and chants. This collection of songs ranges from laments, through to songs of contemplation and songs of celebration.


The book makes an excellent companion to the album, 'Tears of Earth', by the young women's choir, nChant. Several of the songs in the book will also be appearing on the forthcoming nChant album, 'On the Breeze of the World'. Some of the songs included are featured on the 1996 album, 'Quiet Earth and Shining Stars', by the folk-rock band, Eve and the Garden, and one song appears on the recent solo instrumental album from Alison Eve, 'Time & Tide'.


This Collection offers material to enhance the musical experience of any worshipping community.


NB. If you have one of the first edition copies, email me and I will send the new version

to you for a full discount of the original cover price you paid for that edition.

This is Alison's first published collection of songs many of which have been used at the various churches and events at which Ali has lead worship, and also at the Greenbelt Festival, and the CrossRhythms Festival. Much of the material has been written for nChant, the young women's choir that Ali directs. Almost all of the songs have arisen through the search for appropriate material for different acts of worship at different times of year, so you might find them useful for this reason. The songs are a mixture of simple material which can be taught to a congregation, through to more complicated stuff that a singing group should perform rather than expect a gathered worshipping community to sing together. Below is a full track listing to give you an idea of the scope of the songs.


1. Alleluia

2. A Quiet Night

3. Bear The Memory

4. Blessed Be (The Most Holy Trinity)

5. By My Side

6. By The Wounds

7. Christ Be With me

8. Come To The Water (Baptism Song)

9. - 15. The Cuthbert Mass

16. Deep Peace

17. Discipleship Caravan

18. Everything

19. Generous God (Tune: CWM RHONDDA)

20. God To Enfold You


22. Heaven's Well

23. How Can I Not Show Kindness

24. How Can I Repay The Lord (Psalm 116)

25. I Lift My Eyes To The Hills

26. In The Garden

27. Into Your House

28. I Surrender All To You

29. I Will Lie Down (Psalm 4)

30. Let My Prayer Rise (Psalm 141)

31. - 34. The Liturgia Mass

35. Magnum Mysterium

36. Miserere

37. Miserere Mei (Psalm 51)

38. My Soul Longs For You (Psalm 42)

39. O Proclaim Him (With Actions!)

40. Out Of The Depths (Psalm 130)

41. Peace Be With You

42. Pieta: Flesh Of My Flesh

43. Requiem: Shadows & Ashes

44. Rising With The Sun

45. Rocky Valley Magnificat

46. Rocky Valley Nun Dimittis

47. Slow Down

48. - 51. St Nectan's Mass

52. Summon The Dawn

53. The Ice Clings

54. The Lord Is Close (Psalm 34)

55. Tread Gently

56. Trisagion (Holy God, holy and strong, holy and immortal, have mercy on us)

57. Up And Down

58. Veni Immanuel

59. Veni Sancte Spiritus

60. Walk In The Way

61. Wherever We Go (Psalm 139 - with actions!)

62. While There Is Breath Within Me

63. White Linen Cloth

64. Will You Follow Me?

65. Wrestling With Angels



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