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Tears of Earth


Ritualitas 2004

tbmcd011/04  8.00

The debut recording from the young women's community choir, nChant, featuring seasonal and ritual songs, laments and medieval chants. Songs of celebration and contemplation. Songs for the spiritual journey.

Recorded at the Ritualitas studios in 2004. Mixed and mastered by Tollbooth Music.

Track Listing:

1.    Nunc dimittis

2.    Blessed be!

3.    Oh Proclaim him!

4.    Puer natus est

5.    Gaudete

6.    Magnum Mysterium

7.   Cuthbert Gloria

8.   Cuthbert Sanctus

9.    Cuthbert responsories

10.   Cuthbert Agnus dei

11.   By the Wounds

12.   Miserere Mei

13.   Pange lingua gloriosi

14.   Pieta: Flesh of my flesh

15.   Bear the memory

16.   White Linen Cloth

17.   Requiem: Shadows & Ashes

18.   By my Side



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